Direct franchise

Cooperation is conceived on the basis of fixed fees:

  1. Lump-sum initial fee: EUR 40,000

    • Granting of the Papilonia licence for 5 years with optional extension
    • Provision of the necessary know-how
    • Use of created website, logo, and other graphic materials
    • Guaranteed exclusivity in the contractual territory
    • Execution of the construction with maximum support from the franchisor and trained exclusive partners
  2. Continuous fees during our cooperation

    • Remuneration of EUR 1 for each butterfly cocoon delivered to your business premises, in addition to the cocoon wholesale price
    • Regular deliveries of high-quality cocoons on a weekly basis directly to your business premises, including compliance with customs and veterinary regulations
    • Inspections and screening of dispatched cocoons
    • Guaranteed replacement of butterfly cocoons in case of their damage during transport
    • 5% from tickets sold online through the Papilonia e-shop
    • Operation and maintenance of the website
    • Contribution to joint advertising and marketing activities
    • EUR 100 per month
    • Administration of the information system and cloud services, support, and cash register system software licence

The Way to Cooperation

  1. The franchisor will familiarise the interested party with the Papilonia concept by means of information publicly accessible on the website and based on the interested party's questions, the franchisor will provide additional explanation or details to the publicly accessible information
  2. The interested party will provide the franchisor with information about themselves and their plans by means of (at least partially) the completed Papilonia form
  3. The franchisor will provide the interested party with non-public data on the Papilonia project in a leaflet complementing the publicly accessible information. Concurrently, the franchisor will answer additional questions of the interested party, provided that these do not concern confidential know-how components
  4. Personal meeting, the signing of a confidentiality agreement, a tour of the Papilonia operations, and the possibility of examining the Franchise Folder
  5. The interested party will select the realisation location and once the subject premises are approved by the franchisor, both parties will be ready to sign the franchise agreement
  6. Following the settlement of the initial fee, the franchisee will receive the Franchise Folder, containing any and all information, data and contacts necessary for the construction of their Papilonia Butterfly House.
  7. The project realisation and our cooperation can begin.