Direct franchise

Two forms of cooperation

We will not ask for any percentage fees from the profits of your operations. You will never have to divvy your profits from entrance fees or souvenir sales with us.

The Papilonia franchisee is only obligated to pay:

  1. The lump-sum initial fee
    Standard Cooperation: 1 000 000 CZK
    Exclusive Cooperation: 2 000 000 CZK

    Important: The numbers published below on the investment intensity already include this fee. Therefore, we show the investment intensity as an assumed final price without any other costs.

  2. Remuneration for reception of butterfly cocoons
    Remuneration in the amount of CZK 25 for each butterfly cocoon above its commercial price is the only extra cost that the franchisee is required to pay during cooperation.

    Important: The following numbers on the investment intensity already consider this continuous extra cost. Therefore, the remuneration for butterfly cocoons no longer has any negative effects on the declared investment intensity.

  1. Standard

    • We will provide you with all our know-how and we will teach you how to construct and operate a Papilonia. The realisation of the project is then up to you. The franchisor in this case functions only as an advisor, consultant, supervisor, and controller.
    • Investment intensity CZK 5–8 m (including the lump-sum licence fee of CZK 1 m)
    • Return on investments 3–4 years*
  2. Exclusive

    • We will construct a custom Papilonia Butterfly House for you. All you need do is to choose a location (anywhere in Europe) and the premises for realising the Papilonia, to ensure the necessary permits, and to choose one of the offered styles of the interior. The rest is taken care of by the franchisor, including your training on how to operate the Papilonia.
    • Investment intensity CZK 7-12 m including the lump-sum licence fee of CZK 2 m and the extra costs associated with the construction abroad (shipment of technology, materials, and interior construction to the place of destination, accommodation and travel costs for the employees of the subcontractors, etc.)
    • Return on investments 4–5 years*

* The investment intensity and the return on investments are given including the lump-sum initial fee and after calculating the extra operational costs stemming from the franchise cooperation. The presented data is based on the real experiences of the four already realised operations.

What we offer

  • A guarantee of constructing a functional ecosystem valued at 100 % of your investments.
  • Sole exclusivity in the territory of a 100 km from your operations.
  • An individual approach and minimum limitations in setting the entrance fee.
  • Practically unlimited freedom in pricing and in conceiving any additional services (souvenir sales, refreshments...).
  • Freedom for your creative imagination when designing the stylisation of the interior flight zone.
  • Freedom to choose the butterfly species that will be present according to personal preferences and wishes.
  • Use of the Papilonia logo and the finished website on your national domain, free of charge.
  • Provision of know-how that only very few people around the world have.
  • Cooperation without turnover fees.

Services provided during our cooperation

  • Regular deliveries of high-quality and verified butterfly cocoons each week, including customs regulations and veterinary matters
  • Support of management and marketing by the franchisor and by other franchisees, opportunity for coordinating joint advertising activities
  • Organisation of thematic events supporting attendance rates (e.g., “The Month of Blue Wings”, “The Month of Giants”, etc.)
  • Sharing newly gained experience from the already existing operations, leading to improvements in service quality or to costs saving
  • Free help, consultations, and advice in solving operational matters

Do you like Papilonia?

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