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What is the Papilonia Butterfly House?

The Butterfly House is a specially constructed and publicly accessible ecosystem that simulates the natural conditions for the healthy and active life of exotic butterflies. Here, visitors can see the most beautiful butterfly species in the world up close, some with a wingspan of up to 20 cm.

Visiting the Butterfly House is a hands-on tour. There are no barriers between the visitors and butterflies. Exotic butterflies have no innate fear of humans, they are not stressed by their presence whatsoever and instead, they often interact with them through direct contact.

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A Butterfly House closer to the people

  • Operate your Butterfly House in the centre of town, in a shopping centre, or as a part of an amusement park
  • Year-round operations in almost any type of premises and even without natural sunlight
  • Total spatial area required:
    150 m2 – 250 m2

Easy and undemanding operations

  • No need to have expert knowledge of butterflies
  • Just three to five employees
  • Unprecedented energy efficiency
  • Independent of the local weather and climate

All franchisees report a return on investments of not more than 3 years

Investment cost structure

Investment cost structure
  • Flight zone interior
  • Perimeter construction
  • Initial franchising fee
  • Ventilation system
  • Live plants
  • Project documentation
  • IT, cash register system, cameras
  • Reception and backroom facilities

Overhead cost structure

Overhead cost structure
  • Employees
  • Rent
  • Butterfly cocoons
  • Franchising fees
  • Energy and water
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Accompanying costs

Attendance rate development

* The Butterfly House is one of the few tourist attractions that is sought out by a wide spectrum of visitors, spanning age groups, interest groups, and ethnicities. This universal appeal creates a stable visitor base and operations that are, from a commercial perspective, resistant to negative external influences, such as the government restrictions in effect during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Build a Butterfly House in an original style

You can choose from numerous exclusive flight zone stylisations, e.g.:

Vybudujte motýlí dům v originálním stylu


Papilonia Praha
A Desolate Temple


Papilonia Brno
The Caribbean Jungle


Papilonia Lipno
A Fantasy World

Karlovy Vary

Papilonia Karlovy Vary
A Hobbit Village

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