Master franchise

Build your own network of Butterfly Houses in your own country!

Allow us to present you with the opportunity for cooperation based on an exclusive licence applicable for the territory of an entire country. Become a master-franchisee of the unique-worldwide butterfly houses.

What we require

  1. The successful establishment and launching of the first/your own butterfly house in the territory/region, or country, respectively.
  2. An active approach to searching for and gaining potential investors and in promoting the brand and the franchised concept of Papilonia.
  3. Detailed familiarisation with the received materials and project designs, and their elaboration and translation into the national language for their further use.
  4. Dedicate enough time to interested parties and provide them with the relevant information, meeting with them in person if the investor so wishes.
  5. After acquiring a sub-franchisee, to fulfil the controlling, advisory, consulting, and supervisory functions, or to be ready to realise a “tailor-made” sub-franchise in close cooperation with this franchisee.

Price of the master-franchise licence for the given region/territory/country

The Papilonia master-franchise licence is always granted exclusively and is valid for a certain region or territory/country. The price of the licence is given according to the population size of the given region, territory/country, unless otherwise negotiated by the franchisor and the master-franchisee.

Price list

10.000.000 population 160.000 €
10.000.000 population 100.000 €
for the first three Master Franchisees

In regions

with a population of over 40 million, there is a 50% discount on the licence
with a population of over 25 million, there is a 30% discount on the licence
with a population of over 15 million, there is a 20% discount on the licence


State: Germany
Population: 84.000.000
License price: 672.000 €
License price: 420.000 €
for the first three Master Franchisees

The size of the licensed region is not necessarily an entire country. The franchisor and the master-franchisee can agree to delineate and license separate regions or selected territories.

The revenues of the master-franchisee and their division with the franchisor

Your profits begin by acquiring/opening your first franchise, whereby you can divide the revenues from your franchisees into two categories:

  1. The lump-sum initial fee from the franchisee in the amount of40.000 €
  2. The continual payments of bonuses for each butterfly cocoon delivered to the franchisee’s facilities.€ 1/CZK 25 per cocoon

on average, one Papilonia Butterfly House will order 350 cocoons weekly.

These revenues, in turn, will be divided between you and the franchisor. The master-franchisee sends 20% of all the franchise fees they receive to the franchisor, i.e., € 8,000 from each franchise license and € 0.2/CZK 5 per cocoon.

Benefits for master-franchisees with their own facilities

Operating your own Papilonia Butterfly House helps the development and success of the concept:

  • Thus, a model Papilonia Butterfly House is created, allowing those interested in the franchise to get to know the project in detail directly in the country of their interest.
  • Your commercially successful facilities will increase the interest and the number of investors who want to join the project in the licenced territory.
  • Thanks to your personal experience, you will know the details of realising and operating a Papilonia Butterfly House, whereby you can apply this experience in negotiations with interested parties and then in the management and controlling of franchises.
  • For every next self-operated facility, the master-franchisee only pays the fee to the franchisor, i.e., 20% of the price for the franchise licence (i.e., € 8 thousand) and only € 0.2/pc for the cocoon fee.

Validity of the master-franchisee licence and investment protection

The period of licence validity and the conditions of your investment in the master-franchisee licence is a minimum of 10 years.

  • Become a master-franchisee of this unique-worldwide tourist attraction in the region/country of your choice, establish your facilities and then your own franchise network of butterfly houses
  • The price of the licence is based on the population living in the licensed territory, whereby the continual revenues from the franchises operated in your licensed territory are divided at a ratio of 80% for you as the master-franchisee and 20% for the franchisor