Papilonia Lipno - Michal Lojka

Papilonia Lipno - Michal Lojka

Our family company has been working in tourism and leisure activities for ten years already. We were looking for new investment opportunities on site of our business to date, the tourist destination of Lipno nad Vltavou, that would be again focused on tourism, would be attractive, and could have the potential of a reasonable return.

Papilonia met all these parameters, and so we decided to realise the project.

We managed the planning and organisation of the construction directly, without a general contractor. Ten months passed from the first meeting with the Franchisor until opening to the public, including, of course, a three-month hiatus caused by the Covid-19 epidemic. Everything went smoothly.

We realised the technologies in accordance with the provided manual and we were able to launch the functional ecosystem practically even before finishing construction work.

In terms of visitors, the Papilonia project is an incredibly positive place. Practically everyone leaves full of impressions, and they spread their pleasant experience further, which is the best form of advertisement for this project.

In business terms, a big advantage of this concept is the relatively short time of the tour, which allows one to generate up to several hundred visitors a day on a relatively small surface area.

Our cooperation with the representatives of the Franchisor is very pleasant and constructive.


Ing Michal Lojka, franchisee Papilonia in Lipno, Executive Secretary operating the firm