Papilonia Karlovy Vary - Roman Kučera

Papilonia Karlovy Vary - Roman Kučera

We have been operating the excursion grounds since 2006, where visitors can enjoy a funicular, a historical restaurant, a mini zoo, a playground, hiking trails through the spa forests, and a renowned Karlovy Vary lookout tower.

For a long time, we tried to think of an attraction that would be in the arcade of the restaurant, which was lying fallow for years. The problem was that visitors to our premises are recruited from all age groups, nationalities, cultures, and interest groups. We therefore looked for a product that would be universal, that would speak not only to a narrowly defined group of visitors.

After several unsuccessful attempts that applied in the arcade, we discovered the concept of the Papilonia Butterfly Houses, and we immediately knew that this was exactly the attraction we were looking for. After our first meeting with this franchise concept, we were sure. Let us do it!

Although this is a unique project, everything went without a hitch, and within several months from signing the contract, we successfully constructed and launched our Papilonia.

And I have to say, completely objectively, that we hit the bullseye. Practically immediately after opening Papilonia, the attendance rate of the entire excursion grounds increased by an unbelievable 30 %, and plus, it is growing with every year.

The return on investments was three years. And we are not counting the increase of traffic to and secondary profits from our other attractions and services – thanks to the new visitors we got after opening Papilonia, we noticed a significant increase in profits in, for example, our restaurant.

In name of our company, I can heartily recommend this. Papilonia generates an interesting profit and brings thousands of new customers to our grounds every month.


Roman Kučera, Executive Secretary of Diana KV s.r.o.