The Way to Cooperation

Requirements for the franchisee

  • Are you on friendly terms with nature?
    The commercial success of your butterfly house is our clear priority. Despite of this, your business should be fun and fulfilling for you.
  • Do you have sufficient financial reserves?
    The already realised franchises of Papilonia are, commercially speaking, extraordinarily successful and show a rapid return on invested finances. Financing the realisation of the project, from its project documentation to the actual construction of the butterfly house is, however, entirely in the hands of the franchisee (more about the initial investments here).

Premises of realisation

This concept of a butterfly house can be realised in almost any commercial real estate. Even the fact that the premises were previously used for a completely different purpose is not an obstacle - Papilonia can be operated on the premises of a former restaurant, boutique, or perhaps in a vacated office. Not even basements near pedestrian zones or inner units in shopping centres are an obstacle. There are just three conditions:

  • An attractive location for a tourist attraction.
  • The recommended surface area of 150 m2 to 250 m2.
  • A ceiling height of at least 2.5 metres.

Space requirements

  • Flight zone: 100-150 m2
  • Facilities for the employees and gardener, technical room, and reception: at least 50 m2

Our recommendations

  • A total area of 150 m2 to 250 m2
  • Rather an open space than indented space for the flight zone

Time needed for construction

  • From the beginning of construction work until the commercial opening: 6 months
  • The given period does not include the time needed for preparation work, such as project documentation, construction permits, etc.

Chronological process of cooperation

  1. Contact us

    • Fill out the simple form.
    • We will gladly answer any and all questions you have to consider our eventual cooperation responsibly and complexly. It will be our pleasure to present the already existing Papilonia facilities to parties with serious intent, and to introduce you in detail to this unique business in the form of a personal tour.
  2. Contract signature

    • Have you decided to build your own Papilonia butterfly house and have found suitable premises for its realisation? Then there are no obstacles to our cooperation.
    • We will mutually sign the contract on cooperation.
    • Pay the fee of the franchise programme that you have selected.
  3. Provision of know-how, marketing materials, the construction of your Papilonia

    • According to your selected form of cooperation, we will either give you all the necessary information for building and operating your Papilonia Butterfly House, or we will build a custom butterfly house for you.
    • We will provide you with the Papilonia logo and other marketing tools, such as the structure and concept of the website on your national domain, including graphics materials, photographs, etc.
  4. Support during our cooperation

    • We will ensure the delivery of high-quality and verified butterfly cocoons, including all customs and veterinary regulations.
    • We will share with you any new experiences from the other franchisees to improve and optimise your own operations.
    • Every franchisee will enjoy the benefits of our cooperation and support from the other Papilonia facilities in terms of management, advertising, and marketing.
    • We will offer you and help organise proven thematic events meant to support the attendance rate of your Papilonia (e.g., “The Month of Blue Wings”, “The Month of Giants”, etc.).
    • We will always be available for free consultations, advice, and help for solving any operational matters.

Do you like Papilonia?

Do you need more information, or do you have more detailed questions? Contact us, and we will gladly answer them.