The Concept of Papilonia

The advantages over standard butterfly houses

Papilonia is an exclusive and worldwide unique concept of butterfly houses, in which all the conditions for the healthy and active life of butterflies are ensured by a fully automated system. This allows the operations of the butterfly house to work completely independently on outdoor conditions, the surrounding climate, and the weather, that is, practically anywhere around the world. Thus, all limitations, problems, and disadvantages that the operators of standard butterfly houses must deal with are eliminated:

Standard butterfly house
Papilonia Butterfly House
To realise and operate such houses, one must have the expertise and the selection of employees is usually reduced to experts in the field of entomology or lepidopterans.
Even a complete layman in the field can realise and operate these houses, since we will teach them all the important knowledge they need. The basic parameters of operation are then run by a fully automated system.
The selection of the location of the realisation is strictly limited to those premises where sunlight can be led through the ceiling.
The selection of the location of realisation is not limited. There is the option of operating the house also in basement areas in pedestrian zones, in high-profile tourist locations, in shopping centres, etc.
A partial or complete dependency on the weather, the changing light conditions during the day and during the seasons, to which butterflies can react with, for example, lower activity levels and vitality.
Problem-free operation even in (for exotic butterflies) climatically unfavourable parts of the world. Here, the butterflies have ideal, identical, and stable conditions for life.
Year-round operations are possible only thanks to a high overhead, because usually this is just a seasonal exhibit.
Low energy consumption, year-round operations anywhere in the world.
High investment requirements. The butterfly house must be constructed on greenfield land or completely adapted to the given premises.
Significant reduction of initial investments thanks to the opportunity of using the pre-existing layouts of the selected premises without the need of drastically changing them.
The interior is designed according to set procedures and rules that limit the option of individual stylisations.
The interior is designed according to one’s individual stylisation, which gives the tour the added value of associated emotions (adventure, mystery, exoticism, fantasy worlds...).

Unique stylisations of interiors

The Butterfly House of the Papilonia concept allows any type of stylisation of the interior, which gives the premises of the flight zone an added value - the atmosphere of the exotic, or perhaps the hallmark of adventure.

Papilonia Praha - Angkor Wat
Praha - Angkor Wat
Papilonia Brno - The Caribbean
Brno - The Caribbean
Papilonia Lipno - A Fantasy Fairy Tale
Lipno - A Fantasy Fairy Tale
Papilonia Karlovy Vary - Hobbit Village
Karlovy Vary - Hobbit Village

No limits to your imagination

The future realisations of the franchise can take advantage of our know-how of using original interior layouts, e.g., in the style of the Amazonian rainforest, the Mayan civilisation, but also a post-apocalyptic world, a Hobbit village, or even a jungle of horrors.

Koncept Papilonia

Worry-free operations

The concept of Papilonia was developed with the objective of enabling problem-free operations of the butterfly house to anyone, anywhere, simply, and with a minimum number of employees:

  • Papilonia can even be run by those people who do not have expertise in breeding exotic butterflies. The basic parameters are ensured by the fully automated system, and we will train you in the other aspects.
  • Emphasis was placed on the simplicity of operations that can be managed by just 3-5 employees.
  • Papilonia can be realised and operated year-round in almost any type of commercial space with a surface area of over 150 m2, anywhere in the world.
  • You will not need to worry at all about certain scientific or bureaucratic aspects of the operations. For instance, we will ensure regular deliveries of butterfly cocoons to your given place of delivery, including taking care of quality control, customs affairs, and veterinary regulations.
  • We contractually commit to the guarantee of constructing a fully functional ecosystem at the value of 100 % of your investments.
  • We will always be available for free consultations, advice, and help for solving any operational matters.

Do you like Papilonia?

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